Toolbox Weekly 29

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Hello Super Creatives! ToolBox Weekly is back in 2023 after a little holiday break. This issue features useful tools submitted by our readers. BG Generator is my favorite and I spent some time playing with various styles it offers. How about you?

Theme Toggles

A collection of animated toggles for switching between light and dark modes. Just select the toggle and copy the provided code into your project for adding toggle animations


A place to discover hundreds of landing pages from great companies based on preferences like theme and color for the much-needed design inspiration for your next web project.

Branition Colors

An online hand-curated collection of color palettes best fitted for logos and branding. You can filter between the number of colors, specific colors, and style types like bright, warm, and so on.

kody Tools

A website with 300+ free online tools like measurement unit converters, financial calculators, text formatting tools, code minifier, beautifier tools, and many more.

Bg Generator

An online tool that works in the browser to generate background images of various styles and colors. You can select among styles: Colorful, Graphics, Galaxy, Changing Light, Poly, Dreamy, Bars, and more.

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