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Palette Colorize Pictures

Colorize Pictures tool at the Pallete FM website allows you to color any photo just like Instagram filters. Just upload any photo or use a sample photo to see AI-powered color magic.

Linkedin Carousel Generator

Quickly generate a sideshow carousel for use on Linkedin using tweets of your choice from Twitter. You can also use Reddit posts as the content of the Linkedin carousel.

Fluid Type Scale

An online calculator tool to generate font size variables for a fluid type scale with CSS clamp. Select the font values and copy the generated code for quick use.

Content Title Maker

This content idea generator tool at the Portent website lets you create catchy titles for your posts, podcasts, and videos. Start by typing the subject and explore auto-generated ideas.

Use The Keyboard

A dedicated website with a collection of keyboard shortcuts for various popular Windows programs, Mac Apps, and websites. Like for Slack, 1Password, Notion, Figma, Discord, Telegram, and more.

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