Color Safe Accessible Palettes

Color Safe

An online tool to generate accessible color palettes. Following the WCAG Guidelines of contrast ratios, you can find right text and background color for your next web project.

Trendy 404 Illustrations For Error Pages

Trendy 404 Illustrations

Another handy collection of free illustrations for your 404 error page. You can visualize how each illustration look on your 404 page with cool headline text for that extra fun factor.

Icons Svg Custom Colors Code

Icon SVG xyz

A useful online tool to create custom colored SVG icons for your web projects. You can either download the final SVG icon or grab the icon code in SVG, JSX, and React formats.

Artify Online Design Editor


An online editor to create a different type of graphics like logos, social media, backgrounds and more. It also has a gallery for the design inspiration featuring amazing creations.

Background Generator Patterns

Background Generator

Generate images with a different objects within a browser. Select among different objects and customize with color, blur, rotation, and more. There is even a gallery with pre-made backgrounds.

Was There Google Update Tool

Was There Google Update

Google Update is very important for SEO professional. ‘Was there a Google Update’ lets you search for any specific Google Updates by date, month, and year.

React Layouts

React Layouts

Grab example code of full width editable React Layouts. A useful resource for quick head start to grab layout of choice like sidebar, masonry, gallery, stack, container, and more.

Font Style Matcher

Font Style Matcher

Decide on the fall back font easily by finding matching font with the current parent font. Using similar font styles will prevent jarring shift in layout due to sizing discrepancies between the two fonts.

How Big is my Browser

How Big is my Browser

Check the current browser resolution dimensions with this simple online tool. A handy way to let website clients check their browser resolution and share exact size information with you.