Country Flag Icons Free Svg

Flag Icons

A free collection of country flags in SVG format. You can browse flags by continents and download a specific country flag or the whole master collection contain all flags.

Canned Prewrittern Emails

Canned Emails

A very useful collection of pre-written email responses for various situations like following up, cancelling a service, granting refund, asking for advice, sick and staying at home (classic, right?).

Neon Icons Pack Freebie

Neon Icons

Again something different from usual icons pack. Check this collection neon icons pack ideal for adding fanciness in minimalistic layouts. They are available as AI and EPS files.

Blind Text Generator For Dummy Copy

Blind Text Generator

Generate dummy text complete with custom H1, H2, H3 headlines along with other elements like paragraph text, UL lists, blockquotes, forms, tables, and more.

Ricos Developer Cheatsheets Collection

Dev Hints

A collection of developer focussed cheatsheets written by Rico Sta. Cruz neatly organized for easy reading. A lot of topics have been covered including saas, react, es6, vim, xpath, and more.

Css Pattern Background Library

Pattern CSS

Beautiful background patterns made with CSS only. This CSS library features a lot of pattern styles like checks, grids, dots, diagonal lines, vertical lines, triangles, zig-zags, and more.

Typo Fonts Pairing Inspiration

Typ IO

Fonts inspiration directory that showcase new and popular fonts being used in current times. For sure a good way to see which fonts look good together and baked for usage.

SVG Backgrounds

Show neat shape backgrounds in SVG format in your website layouts. Just select the design and grab the CSS Code (and download SVG image) to get going.

doka photo tool

Doka Photo

Do simple image editing online within web browser using Doka Photo tool. It allows you to crop, add filters, colors, markup, and resize images.