Artista Animate Svg Images

SVG Artista

Add animation to SVG images with stroke and fill properties using SVG Artista. It is one of the simpler SVG animation tool and useful for users starting with SVG animations.

Jitsi Free Video Calling Solution


Completely free and open-source solution for video conferencing. An alternative to Zoom and Skype for making quick video calls over the computer or mobile devices without any account requirements.

Smooth Shadow Css Generator

Smooth Shadows

Make the shadow effect more smooth with the layered effect. This online generator allows you to adjust: number of layers of shadow, transparency, vertical distance, blur strength for custom code output.

Wordmark It Preview Fonts Custom Text

Wordmark It

Preview your custom text in fonts installed on your computer. Further, you can preview same text in different Google Fonts. A handy tool for quick font selection decisions.

Who Can Use Accessibility Color Tool

Who Can Use

Quick accessibility check for colours along with WCAG grading. See results for visitors with vision conditions like Regular Vision, Protanopia, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Low Vision.

Box Icons Vectors Free Set


A free collection of over 1400+ icons ideal for designers and developers. You can download any icon as PNG, HTML code, or in the SVG format with colour and animation variations.



Completely free collection SVG isometric illustrations for use in your website, projects, and apps. Comes with MIT License that allow free usage without attribution requirement.



Create free iPhone device mockup of any website using screenpeek tool. Just enter the URL and it will automatically generate website image within iPhone frame. There is an upgrade option for other devices like iPad, iMac, and Macbook.