transparent textures

Transparent Textures

A free collection of transparent textures that you can use as background by combining with solid background colors for an extra fancy effect on your web layout without overloading the file size.

You can click on any texture for live preview as the background of the webpage. Click on the create wallpaper button to generate full display background image or use the download button to grab small file that render texture on the repeat mode.

saas pages collection

SaaS Pages

Want to see the best landing page designs focusing on copywriting and design? SaaS Pages is a curated directory of landing pages for much needed design inspiration and copy adjustment.

You can browse landing pages by various categories like companies, navbars, headers, CTA, features, team, pricing, FAQ, footers, blog, roadmap, and more.

Font Library Classic Book Literature

Font Books

A collection of original typefaces designed and used in classic literature like Peter Pan and The Time Machine. You can see all characters and even download specific font in use.

Black Illustrations Of Dark People

Black Illustrations

A free collection of illustrations featuring black people. Free pack includes multiple skin tones, attires, and hair style variations available in PNG, JPG, Sketch.

Mvp Css Minimalist Stylesheet


A minimalist stylesheet file of just 8KB for HTML elements to create HTML webpages. It supports simple and reusable components for making neat designs real quick.

Svg Icons Of Popular Brands

Simple Icons

Free download of SVG version of icons of popular brands. Be it Slack, WooCommerce, Gmail, McDonalds – just click to download the official icon in SVG format for use in web layouts.

Sharing Buttons Code Generator

Sharing Buttons

An online tool to generate code for social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email. Since it is a manual code, there is no javascript and no tracking attached to social sharing buttons.

Gradientify Svg Gradient Icons

Gradientify SVGs

A collection of SVG icons with cool colour gradient effect. You can select gradient colors to product custom colored SVG icons as per your project requirements.

Type Specimens Typography Showcase

Type Specimens

A curated collection from around the web for typography focussed users. Explore new typography styles with a cool combination of new and old fonts.

am i responsive

Am I Responsive

Quickly check your website layout for responsive display within web browser. Just type the website URL and see responsive preview for various devices like phone, tablet, and desktop.

fresh folk

Fresh Folk

Illustration library of people and objects where you can mix and match various characters, objects, skin tones, and objects to create a custom looking scene as an illustration.



Convert your regular images into SVG format with free Convert2SVG online tool. Just select the conversion style like grayscale, detailed, sharp, artistic, and so on. Then upload your image file and get the SVG format equivalent.