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Exploding Topics

Discover exploding topics aka trending results to stay ahead of content creation curve. You can filter results by months or years for various categories like design, technology, business, and more.

Coronaicons Covid 19 Free Icons Pack


Icons pack by Benny Bowden for Corona Virus awareness. Includes icon for: stay at home, flatten the curve, wash your hands, no hoarding, hydrate, support local, six feet, covid-19 and more.

Evil Icons Free Svgs Clean Icon Pack

Evil Icons

An SVG icons pack featuring icon and clean looking icons. You can download the pack for SVG, Illustrator, or Sketch. It support Rails, Sprockets, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt and CDN.

Placeit Mockups Generator

Placeit MockUp Generator

Quickly create custom mockups within the web browser using Placeit Generator. Just select the template to get started by changing background, add effect, colours, and lots more.

Web Skill Roadmap Chart

Web Skills Roadmap

An interactive roadmap with useful resource links to learn web skills. Stages like fundamentals, accessibility, web components, progressive web apps, build tools, frameworks, testing, and more.

Brand Colors Of Popular Online Brands

Brand Colors

A collection featuring official color codes of popular brands. It lists brands and color alphabetically including top brands like Addidas, Amazon, Canon, Dropbox, Ferrari, and more.

Zappy Screen Capture By Zapier


Zappy is a new tool from Zapier to capture screenshots, create GIFs and even do recordings. This early access version is free and is only available for Mac OS users.

More Toggles Css Code

More Toggles CSS

A CSS code library to implement toggle functionality in your webpages. Be it simple toggle effect to stars, hearts, microphone mute, video stop, pin, and more are included.

Epilepsy Blocker

Epilepsy Blocker

A website accessibility tool specially for people with photosensitive epilepsy. It can detect dangerous images, GIFs, and videos containing general flashes, red flashes and patterns like stripes.

Email Love

Email Love

A lovely directory for email inspiration for email template designs and resources. Also, a good place to discover amazing newsletters across the web.

dead link checker tool

Dead Link Checker

A free online tool to check for broken links on homepage or all pages of a website. Just enter the website URL and see list of broken links (error 404 pages) that need fixing.



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